January 4, 2021

Give and Get a Boost with the 4giving Boost Program

More than a FREE fundraising platform. 4giving builds relationships and converts feelings of generosity into acts of generosity. Introducing 4giving Boost: making connections with a cause, simple.

4giving Boost creates impact by forging relationships between local charities and local businesses, who provide financial and in-kind support.

4giving Boost allows your charitable organization to leverage tools and initiatives that create immediacy. 4giving Boost helps raise awareness and encourages donations for causes through a business's "Charity of the Month" program and #1day4giving, a fundraising day dedicated to your charity. Our initiatives include:

  • Matching Funds - Donations go further when you inspire giving with matching funds
  • Helping Through Cause - Rally around a cause to increase donations and business with retail sales
  • Influencing for Cause - Use your influence and platform to raise awareness and encourage charitable giving

Businesses & sponsors

4giving Boost eliminates friction points for businesses when connecting with a cause. We simplify the process of finding the right partner by:

  • Streamlining inbound charity requests
  • Instilling confidence in the charity vetting process
  • Facilitating multiple ways of helping a charity
  • Measuring the impact of your business's support

Click here to email us and learn more about how 4giving Boost can save your business time, maximize philanthropy, and grow your customer base.

Charitable organizations

4giving Boost is the connector for change, we easily find a match for your cause with a like-minded local business through:

  • Business searching and discovery tools
  • Building instant awareness for your cause with a month-long "Charity of the Month" promotion
  • Encouraging concerted financial support through #1day4giving

Click here to email us and learn more about how 4giving Boost can bring awareness, promotion and facilitate new donors for your charity.