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Our mission starts with a charge

The 4giving mission remains simple: Provide innovative and powerful solutions making fundraising fun, easy, and successful for both organizations and donors. The 4giving team continues to be charged up by generosity and stories that lead to successful campaigns and happy donors. Our developers and user experience experts have designed and developed mobile software since before the debut of iPhone and Android. While 4giving is already an awesome way for organizations and donors to interact, we are dedicated to making the fundraising experience even better. Join our community today, and together, let's keep lighting up the world of philanthropy, one cause at a time!

Our Team

Before starting 4giving in 2017, we had decades of experience in building high-quality technology products. The idea came from hundreds of conversations with owners and learning about the desires in the industry.

Joe Sriver

Leader & CEO

Pete Carr

Lead Engineer

Jim Kozlowski

Lead Design

Cory Kampschroer

Lead Sales

Tim Zosel


Matt Wall


Lindsey Nixa

Guide & Promotion Expert