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When life changes, fundraise for the people you care about. Instant. Simple. Free.
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Create in minutes. Add photo, story, goal, and photos, video clips and live video.



Post on social media, share unique URL and QR code, through text, email and print.



Instant deposits. Customize and configure donation settings. Track, measure and analyze.
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Help right away

Earn money in less time

You can raise money quickly and easily with 4giving. In 2 steps your fundraiser is live and ready to share. Your funds start arriving into your bank account immediately.
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Spread the (Viral) Word

Engage, share and promote

Eliminate friction for donors to give, while leveraging cutting-edge technology to raise and collect funds quickly and easily across the globe.
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keep supporters updated

It's easy to build and manage

4giving has the tools to build beautiful fundraisers to continue to engage donors. Tell your story and connect with your supporters. Add live video, clips, photos and update anytime.
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Maps and stats

Showcase the love & support

The giving map allows you to instantly map and display the geographic extent of love and support to inspire additional giving.
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words of encouragement

Send support in multiple ways

Offer emotional support as well as financial support to help when it's truly needed.
Securely donate with credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay


Safe and secure donation collection

4giving uses Stripe, the standard in online payments, to securely process credit cards and safely send funds to your bank account - quickly.
of the donation goes to you!

No Contract. No Start-up Fees. No Monthly Fees. Receive your funds immediately.

Portage for a Purpose

Helping others

Portage for a Purpose

Hiker carries canoe in memory of lives lost to suicide.
Nancy Hamson Breast Cancer Support Fund

Nancy Hamson Breast Cancer Support Fund

Nancy was recently diagnosed with Triple Negative Stage 3 Breast Cancer. She will have many, very expensive medical bills to pay...
Monetary gifts for SMCHS teachers & staff

Monetary gifts for SMCHS teachers & staff

Christmas is in the air and it's time to prepare the Christmas Cash donations for our teachers and staff at St. Mary's Central High School.
Get Well Soon Wyatt!

Get Well Soon Wyatt!

He was transferred to an intensive rehab that restricted visitors and I was no longer allowed to be with him overnight. This took a large toll on his mental health...

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