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Sports teams and associations maximize donations, save time and keep 100% of what they fundraise. 
Easy. Fast. Transparent. Trusted. Score!
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Save time, No stress

Raise money in record time

No more collecting, counting and cashing checks or storing and delivering cookie dough, pizzas, candy bars... Tell your story and connect with your supporters. Add live video, clips, photos and update anytime. Your fundraising idea is live in minutes.
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Find fans worldwide

Score more donors & donations

Reach and inspire supporters at the game, concession stand, school, social media, wherever! 4giving's technology instantly converts fans to donors in person or online.
Donors can pay by credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay

Nothin' but net (and profit)

Catch 100% of your donations

No Contract. No Start-up Fees. No Monthly Fees. Receive your funds immediately.
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Nobody is benched

The whole team plays

Individual team members raise money. Each member has a unique page they send to fans and supporters. All donations automatically go to the team.
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It's a goal!

Your fundraising scoreboard

The giving map allows you to instantly see how much and how far your cause reaches and inspires support. Use this information for outreach and marketing.
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Fans cheer from the bleacher and the couch

Create a die-hard fan base

You have access and control of all your donor data, metrics and stats: names, emails, addresses, donations, comments and more. Export to your favorite CRM, spreadsheet or management software.

Featured sports fundraisers

CHS Field scoreboard

Community giving

Michael Anderson Memorial Baseball Scholarship

Receive instant donations by leveraging tools to display your fundraiser on scoreboards, programs and posters.
Mayo Lift-a-thon

Mayo HIgh School Lift-a-thon

5th Annual Lift-A-Thon All proceeds will go towards new weight room equipment for the student-athletes of Mayo High School.
Pittsburgh Ultimate - COVID-19 Relief

Pittsburgh Ultimate - COVID-19 Relief

These donations will be used to cover bare minimum operational and employee expenses.

MN-Fish Sportfishing Foundation

Funds will support MN-Fish Foundation's efforts to enhance fishing in Minnesota by giving anglers a strong, unified voice. We want to increase state re-investment into sport fishing.

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